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Daniel Held
Phone: +49 6897 / 5005-16

Brigitte Stieger
Phone: +49 6897 / 5005-15

Our Partner:
German Mining Solution GmbH

Michael Kulassek
Phone: +49 521 / 989 289 50
Cellphone: +49 172 / 577 10 85


Hausalit Maschinenbau und Oberflächenschutz GmbH was established in 1946, and during its 65-year history it has developed considerable expertise in the field of mining. Thanks to our highly qualified core team of experts, quality and reliability are guaranteed.

Our machinery is used not only in German mining operations but in many other countries as well. Our sales territories include Japan, Colombia, Poland, the Ukraine and Russia.

The Hausalit Dinting and Loading Machine (Hausalit Senk und Lademaschine, HS-M) is a true multitalent. The basic machine, assembled completely as a construction-set system, can be fitted with box-type buckets of different sizes, with single hydraulic hammers, with cross cutting-head milling machines of different sizes, and with different types of working platforms. A range of different equipment options are also available, with standard or telescopic booms.