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Daniel Held
Phone: +49 6897 / 5005-16

Brigitte Stieger
Phone: +49 6897 / 5005-15

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German Mining Solution GmbH

Michael Kulassek
Phone: +49 521 / 989 289 50
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Basic machine

The development and design of the HS-MULTITALENT base of the concept of only one basic machine, as carrier vehicle, on which is possible to install various booms and other attachments for serveral application areas in mining industry and tunneling.

The newest generation of our machine is the HS-MULTITALENT with telescopic boom and quick- coupler-system, with integrated fully automatic coupling of hydraulic hoses and represents therefor a further milestone in the development of efficient dinting technology . This quick-coupler-system makes it possible to change the diverse attachment in a few minutes because it is no longer necessary to change over the hoses.

The basic machine is a compact and durable construction of combinable modules with :
The pivot column and the swing cylinders makes possible to move the boom with 27° the right and left. The various tools on the boom can be pivoted additionally around 30°.

The machine fuselage is durably built and is to attach the following components :
Technical Data- Basic Machine
Length mm 3.920
Width mm 1.160
Height mm 1.210
Weight kg 8.200

Hydraulikanlage Load-Sensing servo controlled
Primary Drive (electric) KW 55
Axial-Piston-Pump l/min 180
Operating Pressure bar 180
Oil-Water-Cooler KW 55-155
Oil Tank Liter 250
Filter /min
-Main Filter 400/min 25
-Return Filter 400/min 16
Fluid Typ HFC-E Mineralöl

Size Type B1
Chain Links 39
-Pitch mm 140
-Width mm 260
Ground clearance mm 200
Travelling speed m/sec. 0,5/1,0
Drive compact gearboxes with variable displacement plug-in motors